Annabel’s Closet: Offering “Hope” and “Help”

Our Story

This non-profit was founded by a local Floridian, Lori Hutchinson, to help others in the Central Florida community start over from an abusive or tough situation. We strive to help these families create a new beginning by providing donated furniture and household items for FREE. The inspiration to start Annabel’s Closet was provided by Lori’s Grandmother, Annabel, who helped her daughter (Lori’s Mom, who was a single mother) raise her from the time she was little. They spent a huge amount of time together to which Annabel was able to influence her Grand-daughter in a variety of ways, but one of the biggest was her desire to help others and providing guidance of faith.

Annabel was an amazing woman! She was selfless, always had a smile on her face, never complained (about anything) and had a huge heart – especially for God. She was the first one willing to help and most often the last one to leave. Although she never was employed out of the home, she was always busy doing for others. After raising her family of 5 children, she focused on helping in the community.

I am honored to carry on the work Annabel started! One thing I have learned, this is not something I can do alone. We need your help with providing gently used household items/furniture as well as monetary donations in order to fulfill our calling.

Thank you for partnering with us to help our community!
– Lori Hutchinson